The Time Trials Series

The Time Trials

After the deaths of his parents in a horrific car accident, one that he considers his own fault, Walkman-toting, guitar-playing Finn Mallory would do anything to turn back time…to press “rewind.” When he’s admitted on full scholarship to an elite boarding school, things get more complicated: he becomes an “Unfortunate” in a sea of rich kids whose shoes cost more than his late parents made in a week. An invitation to a boring-sounding history club changes everything, as this team does much more than research and field trips.

Well….they do take field trips. Just not the kind you’re thinking. For Finn, the present was already enough to deal with, but now he finds that he also must reckon with the past, in more ways than one.

Image by Salome Totladze (IG: @morgana0anagrom)

The Time Trials Playlist

The Fifth Timekeeper

There are rules to every game, and then there are those who enforce the rules.

Breaking one leads to penalties. Crossing the other leads to disaster.

Finn is no stranger to the first, but now that the next round of the Time Trials is underway and he’s drawn the ire of one of the timekeepers, he’s about to find out just how vindictive one of them can be.

Loyalties will be tested.

Bonds will be broken.

And by the end of the season, the timekeeper will have blood, one way or another.

Image by Maija Ilic
Image by Tara Spruit

The Fifth Timekeeper Playlist

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