The Time Trials

Available now in hardback, paperback, and e-book!

Deemed a charity case at a stuck-up boarding school, the present is already difficult enough to navigate for Finn Mallory. But when he joins a mundane-sounding history club that proves to be far from what he expected, Finn finds it’s the past he must reckon with, in more ways than one.

THE TIME TRIALS is the first installment of the Time Trials YA time travel series. Already read it? Check out THE FIFTH TIMEKEEPER, the first sequel! Stay tuned for news on book three.


Saving Grace

A mysterious epidemic has swept the planet, and the kids are NOT alright. They hunt. They kill. They rule the night. For Gabriel and his ragtag crew of survivors, self-preservation is what it’s all about. But when they stumble upon a healthy child, everything changes. 

Jon’s adult horror novel, Saving Grace, is slated for publication by Equation Books. Stay tuned!

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